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Who We are

In today’s day and age, even with cutting edge scientific advancements, human suffering vis-à-vis Chronic ailments, physical and mental debility, lifestyle disorders, Stress related disorders, Long-term Cardiorespiratory, Spinal/Neurological and other Systemic disorders, still continues to grow with no One-stop solution addressing the very fundamentals of the pathological processes that initiated these disorders in the first place or caused its outcome.

For the first time in the field of Healthcare, Vyara Wellness, a meticulously planned, multi-pronged holistically powerful entity, founded by Dr. Yuvraaj Singh, MD Internal Medicine, with more than 15 years of dynamic practice of treating and observing patients, with tremendous clinical exposure during residencies at NIMHANS (a premier Neurological and Mental Health Institute in India), Sri Jaideva Institute of Cardiology (Bangalore) and Fortis Memorial Research Institute (Medical Oncology), Gurgaon and serving as HOD Medicine and Director Critical Care with other prestigious hospitals in the NCR. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the anatomical, physiological, biochemical, nutritional, environmental, behavioural, spiritual considerations of the human body, along with an extensive research based knowledge of disease processes, Dr. Yuvraaj has developed a comprehensive way to incorporate different treatment modalities in order to not just alleviate symptoms but to completely rid the person of chronic ailments and cause them to break free from years of suffering through this carefully and painstakingly planned program to meet each individual’s requirements.

The Vyara Way - 7 Pillars and Services

Meticulously crafted curative program with a fastidious, wholistic, multi-pronged approach for the treatment of and permanent relief from Chronic disorders with painstakingly crafted protocols by Dr. Yuvraaj Singh, addressing all the realms of human existence - physical, mental, nutritional, environmental, behavioural, spiritual, which has already ensured numerous cures.

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Comprehensive Internal Medicine Consultations and OPDs

Dedicated and thorough consultations by our highly qualified and experienced Physicians for the detection, diagnosis and treatment of various diseases and disorders such as - Diabetes / Hypertension / Thyroid Disorders / All Cardiological, Neurological, Respiratory, Gastrointestinal, Endocrinological, Renal, Musculoskeletal- diseases and disorders, and All Infectious diseases.

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Full Body Check-up and Other Investigations

State-of-the-art investigation modalities and full body check-up to detect early changes that are frequently missed in routine tests, to ensure timely prevention and cure.

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IV Nutritional Therapy and Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT)

‘Milieu Interiéür’ or the Internal Environment of the Human body is a beautifully orchestrated interplay of the biochemical array of nutritional and hormonal elements. When this Orchestra begins to play out of tune, a gamut of disorders begin to manifest which are hardly ever detected even by most specialists because of their vague presentations, till it is too late.At Vyara, the Doctors understand and are highly equipped with the ‘keynotes’ to bring your music of life back to tune.

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Calisthenics, Endurance Training, Aqua Therapy along with Physiotherapy

By way of the very design of the human body, the Musculoskeletal- Neurological- Cardiovascular-Respiratory- Gastrointestinal Complex is an intricately woven systemic structure which enables the body to function at optimal levels at all times. A breakdown in any of the links of this Complex disables the others in due course of time, gradually or acutely debilitating the individual. A carefully structured Medical Professional backed Calisthenics and Endurance training program along with Aqua therapy and Physiotherapy (where required) is aimed at long-term cure of chronic disorders including spinal disorders, keeping in mind all physiological and biochemical aspects related to the disorders and its closely monitored changes as part of the outcomes of the program itself.

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Mental and Spiritual Rejuvenation Programs

The Physical body at all levels, anatomical, cellular, biochemical, even immunological, is a conscious and subconscious manifestation of one’s mind, it’s thought processes, reactions to situations and belief systems. Chronic Disease is that very manifestation of years and decades of mental blockades and detrimental repetitive memory based reactions to similar situations causing biochemical shifts within each one of us, gradually deteriorating our functional capacity. Vyara, with its powerful, never done before, amalgamation of a mental and spiritual rejuvenation program led by the most accomplished DivyaShakti, helps and ensures healing at the deeper and more permanent levels of the individual.

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‘Un Beau Visage’, a beautiful face, is one’s first unworded introduction to the world, the energies emanating from a beautiful face engulf not just one’s own soul in a surge of positivity but also spreads the positive vibrations into the immediate environment around them and anybody in their vicinity is automatically drawn into a joyous realm subconsciously. A surge of Happy hormones then begins to heal you from within. When one’s ‘Milieu Interiuer’ is synchronous with the ‘Milieu Exterieur’, an absolute healthy state becomes a mandate. We at Vyara, have meticulously incorporated Aesthetics as an integral part of overall wellbeing.

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Extensive Dietetics and Nutritional Plan

The Human body is structured in a manner wherein optimal functioning and survival of the individual thereof is dependent on a constant supply of raw materials in the form of the food we consume. Important biochemical reactions in the body require many such molecules which cannot be synthesised within the body and need to be provided via food. At Vyara we structure your diet in the most friendly way keeping in mind the essentials that are most valuable for your body type and metabolism, ensuring health even at the cellular level.

Our Solutions

Dedicated programs for Chronic Disorder Management:

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Diabetes / Hypertension / Thyroid Disorders and prevention of Cardio-Neurological sequelae

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Post Heart Attack / Heart Failure Rehabilitation

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Post Stroke Neuro Rehabilitation

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Speech Therapy

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Respiratory Diseases and Disorders

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Spinal Disorders

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Chronic Liver Disease and other chronic Gastrointestinal conditions

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Cancer Prevention

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Immune System Modulation

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Skin Care and Aesthetics

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Depression, Anxiety and Stress

Vyara Diabetic Care


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Diabetes, as we all know is a silent killer, like termites it destroys from within, day after day, month after month and year after year, unbeknownst to the affected, till irreversible long term tissue damage and complications arise in its various target organs mainly Brain / Heart / Kidneys / Eyes / Peripheral Nervous System leading to Cerebral Strokes, Heart attacks, Kidney Failure and Dialysis dependence, Cataracts and Retinal damage, Peripheral Nerve destruction respectively, causing the most unpleasant and painful sensations of burning and numbness of the soles and palms which subsequently leads to non-healing progressive foot ulcers and amputations, gangrenous complications in the latter cases and so on.

Among the short term or acute complications are life threatening conditions such as Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA or Diabetic Coma) and Hypoglycaemic events (lethally low blood sugar levels also leading to seizures and coma).

Diabetes leads to various metabolic derangements over a period of time which subsequently may add on further complications such as Hypertension and Thyroid disorders through deranged lipid (fat) metabolism further adding assault to the target organs. Low immunity is another curse that it thrusts onto the affected.

Acute illnesses / infective diseases almost always become more complicated and difficult to handle due to the co-existence of Diabetes and/or its own complications. Kidney failure states become more and more apparent (Acute on Chronic Kidney Failure) along with Cardiac complications.

In general, people are prescribed a single drug to begin with but eventually end up with a multi-drug regimen, sometimes including various preparations of Insulin which, again, unbeknownst to the affected, creates a semblance of adequate blood sugar control...only superficially whereas deep beneath, at a microscopic level, tissue damage from diabetes continues and this is never addressed (many diabetics may have noted adequate blood sugar level control but concomitant high HbA1C levels).

How is it that many people with adequate control of blood sugar levels still end up with the diabetic complications ?

Diabetes management is always a multi-pronged approach and requires not just medication, which is why at VYARA a meticulously crafted individualised process has been painstakingly created for your loved ones which entails:-

  • Educating your loved ones to understand their body, its physiology and metabolism in a simplified yet impactful manner which allows them the freedom to choose what to eat, how much to eat and the importance of meal timings then becomes second nature, rather than being told to abruptly stop consuming a large number of food items that they would later crave and thereby create a conflict within themselves.
  • A carefully designed diet and nutritional plan that will not deviate from the regular daily diet, along with the incorporation of a few healthier options.
  • A simple yet robust daily exercise regimen which will never be a burden on the individual causing them to cheat on their own health.
  • Investigations at regular intervals to assess and evaluate existing conditions which will only help future planning.
  • Regular doctor consultations and follow ups to ensure that every aspect of your diabetes management, small and large alike, is microscopically looked into.
  • Medication, which shall be prescribed as per your actual requirement after we have completely understood your individual body type and function (Uncontrolled and very high blood sugar levels will be managed promptly as per norms, subsequently reaching a minimal dosage where adequate control is maintained).

Our Diabetic Care Subscription Plans


  • Baseline Investigations to assess most current status of organ functions prior to embarking on a long term treatment plan (Will include - ECG / KFT / FBS / PPBS / HbA1C / Thyroid Profile / Lipid Profile / Fundoscopy / C-peptide levels / Urinalysis).
  • Weekly Doctor Consultations to ensure that the correct steps are being taken to control blood sugar levels on a long term basis
    1. Will include SMBG (self monitored Blood Glucose - GLUCOMETER) charting at least twice daily to assess and calculate or modify drug dosages
    2. Dietary and other lifestyle modifications (Dietetics and Nutritional Plan)
    3. Exercise Regimen (if interested then out on-site Calisthenics program can be joined)
    4. Monthly Lab tests - to ascertain Lab tested blood glucose levels and HbA1C levels to ensure tight control
    5. 3 monthly assessment of parameters related to long-term complications of Diabetes such as - Cardiac status / Peripheral and Autonomic Neuropathy / Retinopathy / Nephropathy for which we will have the following assessments for each individual -
      1. ECG - all leads
      2. Podiatry and Certain physical tests to assess autonomic neuropathy
      3. Fundoscopy / Retinoscopy
      4. KFT with eGFR Calculation and 24hr - Urinary Protein levels
      5. These investigations help in early detection of complications and/or to rule them out such that treatment plans can be modified early on to prevent permanent damage to target organs.
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(with weekly Consultations)

  • All features of Yearly plan on Monthly basis including intermittent monthly subscriptions
    1. Baseline Tests
    2. Weekly or Fortnightly Consultations
    3. Dietary advice
    4. Exercise Regimen
    5. Follow up as advised or based on patients’ convenience.
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(One Consultation)

  • Baseline tests + 1 consultation
  • Follow ups - as advised or as a matter of convenience for the patient
  • In-Clinic - Consultation / Education program / Lab Tests / Exercise (Calisthenics) program / Dietetics and Nutritional planning
  • Online programs - Online Consultations / Zoom sessions for education programs including exercise regimen discussions with Q&A

    (exercise demonstrations will not be shown online since our approach is specific to each individual- spinal and other disorders being the limitation to online demos)

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