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Why home care with Vyara Wellness should be your preferred choice for all medical conditions and Post ailment recoveries?

Countless people throughout their lives have had to face at least one of the many dilemmas when it comes to admitting their loved ones to a hospital for any ailment especially when it is an acute and life threatening medical condition :-

Many people may have a choice of hospital expecting the best services but 8 out of 10 people are disappointed with the medical and mostly the administrative services. Numerous people do not even have a choice of hospital but are compelled to take their loved ones to any hospital they find either because of lack of beds and other facilities, lack of availability of a medical specialty and/or the expertise to handle a particular severity of the illness presented with.

More than 90% of people getting treated in hospitals have always faced substantial issues regarding the charges for the services and billing that has always crossed expectations within hours of admission especially for those in critical conditions. The experience of being over billed coupled with the helplessness of not being able to do anything about it and the measures one has to take (selling of ornaments / property, taking loans which one has to keep paying forward for many months) remains as a fearful one for years.

People admit their loved ones to hospitals when an ailment is beyond their control with regular medication, with the hope that the medical teams and the treatment given will have the best possible outcomes. Each family member as a basic human instinct and out of worry and concern wants special attention to be given to their loved ones. Most times than not, people get fed up with the countless tests being done every day, the behaviour of the nursing and administrative staff are found not to be amicable and the doctors as good as they are in their fields may not be able to give adequate time to your loved one as their patient burden is high. These experiences leave people with more apprehensions than relief because in the one profession that they expect maximum compassion and care, it is elusive.

More than 95% of the people in India are not even aware of the concept of hospital acquired infections and how dangerous and life threatening they can be. With multiple patients bringing with them a huge variety of infections and other pathogens, being admitted under one roof the chances of cross-infections (infection from one patient to another by way of aerosols, infected equipment, handling of multiple patients by a single staff) are very high and leads to a high percentage of ICU mortalities apart from the life threatening conditions one presents with. Moreover, these infections are the hardest to treat because rampant antibiotic usage in the hospitals turns them into mutants that are now resistant to every antibiotic.

Due to high influx of patients in certain hospitals the working staff including resident doctors get burnt out. Many consciously and subconsciously begin to avoid being overburdened for good reason but to the family members of the patients a sense of negligence starts to become apparent and there begins a conflict of interest of sorts, sometimes getting escalated to a point of volatility. The family members, being in a rather controlled environment have to swallow a bitter pill for the sake of their admitted loved one or they discharge them and transport them to different hospitals. An unnecessary harassment and waste of time and energy for all.

Many a times due to lack of time and sometimes due to lack of proper communication skills, proper, detailed and timely updates about the condition of the patients is not provided and the family members of the patients are left in limbo maybe only later to be called and told that an adverse event occurred with the patient. In many hospitals, counselling is evasive

Working people find it extremely challenging to visit their loved ones in hospitals, getting leave from work is not easy and also comes with a financial compromise on payday, over and above which they sometimes have to travel great distances beating the weather and the traffic to get to the hospital at an exact time of day (visiting hours) only to be allowed anything between 10-30mins to see their loved one, both wishing they had more time to spend with each other. More often than not, only one family member will be allowed to enter the room. Hospitals also require at least one family member to be present within the premises in case the doctors and/or the management needs to communicate urgently and/or to make provisions for items not supplied by the hospital. These long wait times create more deep seated angst than a sense of superficial relief from being present there at the facility.

Due to the lack of professionalism since they are not trained medically, most ancillary and other support staff do not understand the gravity of the situation they are required to handle and they almost always operate from a preordained perspective because they hardly think beyond their overworked and underpaid dilemma. This, more than not, becomes an unnecessary and avoidable circumstance which may bear significant influence on the outcomes of the patients’ condition.

Bringing you the Vyara Experience (Mission)

Over many years of observing the painful experiences of people who admit their loved ones to hospitals over and above the pain and anxiety of the uncertainty of their loved ones’ condition, and diligently doing his best to ensure a compassionate and comforting experience for the families suffering, Dr. Yuvraaj Singh and his dedicated team of professionals eliminate all of the above dilemmas by bringing the highest standards of dedicated, committed, most compassionate medical care in the comfort and freedom of your own home, no matter what the severity of the illness.


We understand that not every person, depending on their condition, may require all the modalities of treatment we have to offer but our vision is to ensure that even the smallest of conditions your loved ones suffer from will be taken care by us. The experience of the Vyara way should be a household phenomenon

Treatment and Management programs for

(1) Recovery from COVID and Post-COVID Complications

(2) All ongoing Critical Illnesses including Infectious Diseases (Comatose, Shock state etc) and post illness recovery

(3) Non-Hospitalisation Trauma conditions (Cuts, Sprains, Ligament tears, Minor fractures and other injuries not warranting major surgeries)

(4) Diabetes / Hypertension/ Thyroid Disorders and prevention of Cardio-Neurological sequelae (visit vyarawellness.com / diabetic care)

(5) Post Myocardial Infarction / Heart Failure rehabilitation

(6) Post Stroke Neuro-rehabilitation

(7) Cancer and other terminal conditions

(8) Post-Stroke Speech Rehabilitation

(9) Management of Chronic Kidney Disease (Renal Failure)

(10) Spinal disorders

(11) Respiratory Diseases and Disorders

(12) Chronic Liver Disease and other chronic Gastrointestinal conditions

(13) Dementia / Alzheimer’s / Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Severe PMS

How We Do It

‘Once You Commit To Us, We Are Committed To You’. Treating the physical body is incomplete without addressing the mind and spirit of your very existence

Prior to setting up a full scale medical facility at your home we would like to understand the nature and severity of the illness which will enlighten us about four important factors

(1) The line of treatment going forward and the medication required,

(2) The speciality of medical professionals that will be our frontline force in the case of your loved one

(3) The type of medical equipment that will be needed to ensure complete supplementation to the line of treatment

(4) The preliminary investigations that may be required to assist diagnosis and treatment This preliminary assessment will enable us to arrange for the necessary services without wasting a single precious minute

After the preliminary assessment, our dedicated facility team headed by our Operations Manager will perform the following actions stringently laid out for them in our SOPs -

(1) They will select the most apt location in your home as per our 10-point indicator guidelines, to ensure treatment outcomes with maximum benefit for your loved one following which -

(2) Our Housekeeping team will clean and sanitise the entire area to ensure a sterile work environment which will prevent your loved one from contracting any unnecessary infections

(3) The facility team will then set up all medical equipment as per requirement subsequent to which a small designated nursing work station will be set up to enable them to perform their duties in the most professional manner

Our Nursing staff, professionally and personally trained by the doctors themselves at Vyara will commence their duty diligently monitoring, medicating, documenting, updating the condition of your loved one to the doctors in real-time, round the clock. Their strict training in immaculate waste management will ensure a safe and sterile work environment. At Vyara we make our frontliners go through rigorous training to ensure the highest standards of professionalism and compassionate care.

Beginning with the preliminary assessment of severity of the illness, the condition of your loved one and the changes noted thereafter on a daily basis will be shared with you allowing you to completely understand the plan and the course of management and the prognosis of your loved one.

The Medical profession is one of the few professions where the physical presence of the worker holds importance to the consequences and/or outcomes of the job. It becomes essential to detect the critical signs the human body exhibits during an illness by way of a thorough physical examination, which is why we ensure daily doctor visits in-person to see and examine your loved one, apart from the regular video monitoring by specialist doctors at our command center. During these unprecedented times where the pandemic has prohibited physical visits, our consultations will be conducted online along with intermittent doctor visits, especially where daily visits are not mandatory

In our experience and views especially related to the medical profession, a ‘workman should never blame his tools if the tools are of the best quality and grade’. We work with the best and most superior medical equipment because we know the importance of these machines as an integral part of treatment protocols required to support and sustain healthy states for your loved ones without compromise. Our armamentarium consists of :-

(1) Hospital beds (automatic and semiautomatic)

(2) Ventilators (all modes)

(3) Oxygen delivery systems (Concentrators / Cylinders / High flow devices)

(4) Cardiac Monitors (Multipara)

(5) Infusion Pumps

(6) Nebulisers

(7) BiPAP machines

(8) Dialysis Machines for home

(9) ECG Machines

(10) 2D-Echo Machines (For bedside Cardiac assessment)

(11) DVT Pumps

(12) Suction Machines

(13) Medical Mattresses (Air Mattresses / Water Beds)

(14) IV Stands / Cardiac Tables

We provide comprehensive and quality lab services with our trained phlebotomists on field duty along with personnel within the lab. We also take the responsibility to provide all medicines at the most affordable rates with absolutely free of cost consumables for your loved ones. As a quality service provider we take care of all burdens that a family member would otherwise have to take on.

We fully understand that your loved ones may at some point, due to the nature of the illness and in order to establish diagnosis, require radiological investigations (USG / X-Ray / CT Scan / MRI), in which case we provide quality ambulance services with an on-board doctor for transportation to and back from leading Radio-diagnostic centers we are partnered with. Even in hospitals a patient is required to be shifted to the radiology department for scans. The entire process of shifting your loved ones from the bed to the ambulance and back is done with utmost compassion and care, an experience where one will feel the warmth of our care

Vyara, with its powerful, never done before, amalgamation of a mental and spiritual rejuvenation program led by the most accomplished DivyaShakti, helps and ensures healing at the deeper and more permanent levels of the individual.

Sessions for Astrohealing (physical, mental and spiritual) and Vedic Counselling, Various forms of Meditations are conducted online along with provision of consecrated articles that energise and strengthen the mind and body at deeper levels (visit divya-shakti.com)

One of the most important aspects of care especially in the bedridden, stroke affected patients, post trauma recovery, spinal disorders, ventilated or post-ventilated patients among many other conditions, is Physiotherapy (chest, limbs, spine). Our physiotherapists are professionals who not only understand their domain of work thoroughly but also understand the importance of compassion in service to your loved ones, working relentlessly for the best possible outcomes

Vyara ensures healthcare solutions at affordable rates in the comfort and freedom of your home, creating a warm and memorable experience for your loved ones and their family members.